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About VLR - Van Life Radio

So, what is Van Life? It is a lifestyle of living full-time, or part-time in a vehicle, typically a van that has been built or modified with basic amenities, such as mobile home with batteries, perhaps some solar panels, a bed or two, some form of toilet, a sink and lots of organised storage space. It is a way of life fast spreading across the globe. It's about living the dream, travelling alone or with your family! Van LIfe Radio is an internet radio station dedicated to this community of travellers. Only available on the internet VLR is easily reached by downloading our free radio station app from both app stoes. Search for 'Van Life Radio' and download your copy today and start listening to us on the road!

VLR is owned by veteran DJ and Entrepreneur, Pete Unstead who has been in the Internet Radio industry since 2011 where he built and managed a number of successful Internet Radio stations. Pete is a Motorhome owner who will be touring the countryside of New Zealand in 21/22 and in the UK during 2022, visiting friends, fellow campervanners and businesses that service this awesome community.

VLR streams 24/7 across the Internet from a cloud based studio managed by Pete who is also the Station Manager. The station can be accessed first and formost from this website, vanliferadio.rocks and more recently from the Android and iOS app 'Van Life Radio' on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Download the App for free and once installed, simply press play. If your device has Bluetooth and is paired with your van or motorhome stereo system, that is the best and most perfect way to listen to this station. Connect to the net via your 3G, 4G or 5G internet device and take us with you on your road trip. 

VLR is primarily a music entertainment station but is also a talk radio and van life Podcast station. You can listen to a great variety of music genres, van life Podcasts by well known vloggers and interviews with prominent members of the Van Life Community. We hope you enjoy our station.  


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