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Hello and welcome to all our visiting Indie artists and bands. Van Life Radio is a big promoter of Indie Music and struggling artists and we play a good amount of Indie music daily on this station.

Our resident DJ - DJ Pete has his own show 'The Best Of Indie' which has been running since 2012 and is very popular with Indie Artists world wide. The show streams once a month for an hour and DJ Pete features a collection of new Indie releases and introduces the artists and bands. A Best Of Indie artist is selected each month and will go forward to the Top 30 Best Of Indie countdown at the end of the year. Will your song or group be voted the Best Indie Artists for 2021? Here how you can enter..

To have your music considered for this station you must FIRST send an introduction email to our Station Manager at the email above, introducing yourself and your single/EP/Album. Make sure you include a link to the sample wav or mp3.

Once our Manager has listened to your music and decided whether or not it meets VLR standards, you will be advised by email what happens next. If you dont hear back, don't sweat it, try again next time.

Van Life Radio promotes and supports Indie Artists world-wide. The Lazy Indie Magazine is a key factor in promoting Indie music around the world. Please support them by reading this online magazine.

Lazie Indie Magazine - March 2021 Edition

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EMAIL: studio @ vanliferadio dot rocks
Van Life Radio is an Indie Artist supporter and we have a large archive of Indie songs on our playlists. If you would like us to consider your songs for our playlist, then please send the Station Manager an email introducing yourself and a link to a wav or mp3 sample on the web.