WELCOME to our media streaming page at Van Life Radio (VLR). This page will be constantly updated as time goes on because we are always finding new ways to listen to our Internet radio station. Here are the current up to date methods of listening to VLR:

Method 1 - Use the default VLR media player on the left which connects directly to our Internet streaming service. This player also informs you which track is currently playing. If you are listening to a LIVE broadcast then the current track is not displayed.

This method is best for people listenting to us on a PC or laptop computer, using either Google Chrome browser or Safari on Apple iOS. If you have a portable or mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet then check out the next options below.

Method 2 - The Van Life Radio App available free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Download the app and once it is installed all you need to do is open the app and press the play button. VLR will begin to stream within a second or two.

From this App you can also send us some email, connect to our Facebook page and share a song online with your friends. Whilst a song or show is playing you will see the details of what is playing displayed in the centre of your screen.

In the coming months we will update the app with more options as they get released. Some ideas are an interactive chat app that will connect the listener with the current DJ as well as an advertising banner app that will show services and specials specifically designed for the Van Life community.

In conclusion. Van Life Radio has two phyical streaming sources.

1.) This website (this page) - https://vanliferadio.rocks and

2.) The radio station App which you can download from both the Android and iPhone App stores.

Van Life Radio
If you missed any of DJ Pete's live streams you can always find them on Mixcloud.com Click the image on the left and you will be taken to the Van Life Radio recorded shows page. Pick a show, click play and enjoy!